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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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CHP Minority-the platform for cooperative development of ethnic minority cultures has officially launched

The official website of CHP Minority: www.chpminority.org

CHPMinor is a specialized cooperative platform founded by Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP), with a mission to involve the public in the protection and development of the cultural rights of ethnic minorities. This has been an important focus of CHP in the past 10+ years.How do we sustainably protect and develop the cultural rights of ethnic minorities?How do we encourage the public to conveniently and willingly participate in this cause? CHP established this specialized cooperative platform based upon previous experiences.

Courtyard Institute Heritage Talk Series (No. 5, 2014):Visions of Seaside

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In 1980 Robert and Daryl Davis began developing an 80-acre land parcel on a desolated stretch of beachfront in northwest Florida. Working with town-planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk they embarked on a journey that would change the status quo paradigm of suburban development, by making a compact, walkable, and diverse place that promoted civic life in the public realm.

Seaside makes a convincing argument for building sustainable, beautiful, and regionally-responsive places. During its slow, successional development it has served as a living laboratory for the principles of the New Urbanism. Since the early 1980s, over a million people have experienced Seaside as temporary residents renting cottages and homes. Additionally, it continues to draw a million visitors annually. This illustrated discussion will cover Seaside’s history and future visions for this iconic place.

Talk Arrangements:

- Organizers:

Courtyard Institute

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP)

The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu

- Date: 12th April, 2014 (Saturday)

- Time: 10:00-12:00 with Q & A

- Venue: No. 28, Zhonglao Hutong (See map attached)

- Ticket: RMB50 per person, including a drink

- Language:English

- RSVP:Rsvp.sihe@gmail.com (seats will be reserved for those who RSVPed)
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Courtyard Institute Heritage Talk Series (No. 4, 2014):Learning from the collaborative rehabilitation of a Beijing Dazayuan

During Summer 2013, Sinapolis conducted a unique rehabilitation operation on a “dazayuan” (大杂院,  courtyards highly densified after 1950 and often dilapidated) in the heart of the city.


The dazayuan stands for between 60 % and 80 % of the surface of the zones involved in the heritage protection programme in the centre of Beijing. Understanding the evolutions of these specific urban forms seems therefore primordial to provide solutions for the preservation of the ancient centre. In this view, the project seeks to promote new rehabilitation practices meanwhile pursuing a reflection on the general applicability of the suggested arrangement plans. Within this micro-area for community residence, Sinapolis set out a process of rehabilitation which is both respectful of the specificity of the site as well as innovative from a social and economic viewpoint, with an emphasis on the active and continued participation of the inhabitants in the project.

What does this participation in the rehabilitation process reveal? What can be the impacts of the establishment of a “micro-urban planning” in the heart of Beijing? These are the several points that Jérémie Descamps will raise throughout the talk.
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Dilemmas of the Hutong Residents: The Homes They Lost

Beijing’s hutong residents had participated and witnessed the glorious past of the Old City, but unfortunately, most of them are now being reallocated to the suburban areas (due to the real estate development in the Old City). Some of them did not want to give in to threats or bribes, and they decided to fight for their rights and interests. Their deep love for their homes and their ceaseless efforts to preserve the Old City has greatly enriched the meaning of its local cultural heritage.

The stories of these protestors have constituted a very important part of the Chinese history of modernization. A thorough study and analysis of these stories will be helpful for us to understand this great social transformation we are experiencing, re-evaluate the essence of Chinese culture, and nurture the social responsibility of our citizens. With these thoughts in mind, Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) organized a lecture called Residents of Old Beijing, and its Preservation on September 7th, inviting a hutong resident to introduce her bitter protest experience. The purpose of this lecture is to inspire and encourage other protestors and also connect the researchers as well as preservationists with the residents, who are the “real heroes”.

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Event:Residents of Old Beijing, and its Preservation – Personal Experiences from Two Ma Dajies

Within the Old City of Beijing and its historical neighborhoods, old Beijing residents have been both builders and owners. Now, in the process of being evacuated, they have also become the area’s most persistent preservationists. Their deep love for their homes and their ceaseless efforts to preserve the Old City has greatly enriched the meaning of its local cultural heritage. Chinese laws and government policies have declared their full commitment to protecting the legal rights of local residents, and fully encourage active public participation for the preservation of cultural heritage. To share their memories, deep affections, and devotion to preserving their historical homes, and at the same time, help the public provide constructive support and advice to the government on its law and policy enforcement, Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is honored to invite Ma Xiuming and Ma Xiulan to recount their own personal experiences.
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