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Proposal on the Preservation and Development of the Old City of Kashgar

The preservation and development of the old city of Kashgar has attracted many people’s attention. Based on its preliminary work and past experience, CHP organized a dedicated seminar on this subject and hopefully the outcome could contribute to the protection program.


The seminar concludes that the vision of the protection program should be “the balance of reform, development, ethnic unity, and social stability”, and “comprehensive development of economy, politics, culture, social and natural environment.” 

Kashgar is one of the world-class urban cultural heritage sites in China. The crown jewel among the historical cities and towns of the ancient Silk Road, it possesses enormous tourism potential, which should be carefully preserved, planned and improved. However the Old City needs significant improvement for its excessive density of population and buildings, poor safety and hygiene, and lacking of many essential aspects of urban infrastructure. As the economic zone in Kashgar continues to develop overtime, many high skilled and high-income people have migrated to the city and will bring a lot of pressure and impacts to the original residents. Therefore livelihood should be provided to the local residents in order to ensure their decent lives.
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