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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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Heritage Trail project

Event lowdown | CHP and IBM hutong day

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Organized by the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP), and supported by the IBM Greater China finance team, more than 30 volunteers participated in studying 10 Shichahai hutong. Through photography, drawings, and written records, participants found ways to record the status of the hutong in this area, including the state of preservation and destruction of buildings, residential and rental conditions, and other important cultural heritage protection sites.

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Volunteers recorded a total of 10 hutong, including Yíndìng Qiáo Hútòng, Zhānzi Hútòng, Dà Jīn Sī Hútòng, XiǎoJīn Sī Hútòng, Dà Xiáng Fèng Hútòng, Běi Guānfáng Hútòng, Nán Guānfáng Hútòng, Qián Jǐng Hútòng, Hòu Xiǎojǐng Hútòng and Dōng Méi Chǎng Hútòng.

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Although it was the first time for the volunteers to participate in cultural heritage protection activities, many people were able to experience and see the hutong way of life and feel old Beijing culture. Everyone was very excited and enthusiastic. As the hutong were narrow and crowded with a lot of debris accumulated, there were difficulties for photo shooting, but the volunteers still patiently managed to carefully proofread, photograph and record.

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Volunteers were divided into teams, with each team responsible for a different hutong, devising a panel which included photographs, records and drawings. Through this volunteer activity, we not only gain a lot of historical knowledge about our local culture, but it also reflects the team spirit and dedication the volunteers have for their community and culture.

Yunnan Textile Shoot

CHP recently had the pleasure of working with Beijing freelance photographer Geraldine Cuason who generously volunteered her time to come and shoot some of our Menglian textiles which have been woven as part of the Menglian weaving revival project.
Geraldine said: “it was an interesting and different shoot because it involves textiles!”
“There are many different colors, patterns and sizes. They also make scarves that are lush and soft to the touch. The photos that I took will be used in brochures and marketing materials. 100% of the money earned from the sales will be given back to the Menglian Weavers,” she said.
Thanks for your effort Geraldine!

CHP announces first corporate membership

Fairmont Beijing Logo

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is proud to announce we have joined forces with one of China’s most sought after luxury hotels, Fairmont Beijing.

Fairmont Beijing have become CHP’s first corporate member, giving them access to a wide range of benefits and exclusive offers, including a Volunteer Day, lectures on Chinese culture and a VIP hutong tour.

CHP managing director, Lu Lei, said it was an exciting event for both parties.

“We are honored Fairmont Beijing chose this meaningful way to show their support for the work CHP is doing for cultural heritage protection in China,” she said.

“We look forward to a successful partnership between Fairmont Beijing and CHP.”

Fairmont Beijing sits in the heart of the capital’s central business district, with guest room interior design reflecting a blend of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

An event space is inspired by Beijing’s hutong culture.

“Beijing is one of the most famous historic cities in the world, but faces development and cultural heritage protection issues,” Ms Lu said.

“Every corporate has a responsibility to protect and support the value of cultural heritage. CHP will continue to work with corporate organizations to help them understand the value in participating in cultural heritage protection.”

General manager of Fairmont Beijing, Hans Hordijk, said the hotel group had seen lots of precious cultural heritage disappearing all around the world.

“It is our commitment for the community to develop responsible tourism and to minimize our footprint on the earth. Hutongs in Beijing and cultural heritage in China are treasures that everybody should take action to protect,” he said.

“We have worked closely with CHP to promote cultural heritage protection. We also launched a Hutong i-pod touch tour for our guests to learn more about hutongs, thus to increase awareness.

“We are eager to learn more about cultural heritage protection through the new partnership with CHP. It also offers an opportunity for our colleagues and guests to get more exposure to cultural heritage. We hope that through the events and activities co-held by Fairmont and CHP, cultural heritage protection will grow in everybody’s mind. Thus, we can retain these precious treasures for our descendents.”

PDF media release.

For interview opportunities or file images, please contact jessmaharchp@gmail.com.

For more information on our corporate membership scheme, click here.

For more information about Fairmont Beijing, click here.

Event lowdown | Travel without Borders

The event

The Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center successfully hosted the ‘Travel without Borders: Understanding World Heritage Travel’ discussion last Saturday at the UCCA in Beijing’s 798 art district.

As with many of CHP’s past activities, the event was packed.

CHP was also pleased to see that many participants, as well as media professionals lingered after the event, to speak with, exchange ideas and learn from CHP’s featured speaker, Tan Huaiyu.

Tan Huaiyu and CHP founder He Shuzhong

Tan Huaiyu and CHP founder He Shuzhong

Tan Huaiyu, who has travelled to more than 140 countries, talked about how his travels have deepened his understanding and appreciation of human culture, human experience and the magnificent cultural heritage we all share.
CHP founder He Shuzhong’s words: “The charm of the world’s cultural heritage is beyond language”, combined with the vivid images of Tan Huaiyu’s travel footprints demonstrated to the audience that understanding and appreciating culture means people will accumulate many rich, priceless life experiences.

The event

Tan Huaiyu offered the audience food for thought. “Tourism opens our horizons, as a form of entertainment and a fun thing. But at the same time while we travel to these cultural heritage sites, what kinds of attitudes should we have, how can we learn what kinds of measures need to be taken, or to communicate to others about learning and co-existing with cultural heritage sites?”

This was precisely CHP’s goal: a focus on cultural protection and education with action, by applying what was learnt.


Heritage Trail Project

The Nanluoguxiang area

Through our carefully designed Heritage Trails, CHP invites you to experience the spirit of Old Beijing by discovering the hidden charm unique to Beijing’s hutongs.

CHP believes that a genuine passion towards and understanding of Old Beijing can only be formed through a personal experience with the city. The unparalleled charm registered in every aspect of the hutongs, from elaborate roof beams and small crooked paths in the alley to the remarkable coexistence of one-level traditional courtyards and glitzy skyscrapers, can effortlessly help one develop a personal connection to Old Beijing.

Recently, our dedicated team of interns have documented areas around Nanluoguxiang

Because the Nanluoguxiang area is extremely crucial to the preservation of old Beijing, it has been selected as one of the sites under special preservation by the Beijing Municipal City Planning Commission. In 2002, following an announcement made by the Beijing city government regarding cultural protection, a number of  Nanluoguxiang’s important historic areas were placed on a list of heritage sites.

Today, the Nanluoguxiang area is not only a window into Beijing’s history, but also home to a rich array of modern cultural attractions, such as the theater of the Central Academy of Drama, the Experimental Theater, and the Penghao Theater, as well as a great deal of unique shops, bars, and restaurants.

Heritage Trail project phase I

Heritage Trail project phase II

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