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China Adopts Icon and Song for Cultural Heritage Protection Campaign

In the past, we mentioned that China is seriously considering establishing a Cultural Heritage Protection Day to promote the right attitude towards traditional culture. As far as we know, the legal process of launching a Cultural Heritage Protection Day is progressing smoothly, and it is very likely to become official this year.
At the same time, we have received further good news relevant to this project. First of all, the highest administrative section of Chinese cultural heritage protection – the National Administration on Cultural Heritage – announced a cultural heritage protection icon. The pattern in the center of this icon is modeled after the archaeological findings from the Sichuan Jinsha Remnants. The National Authorities hope that, with the adoption of this new icon, more and more people will become aware of the cultural heritage concept, and start to treasure and protect it.
The National Authorities also hope that the younger generation will develop a passion to protect China’s culture heritage. To encourage this, they have written a new song named “Treasure” that is sung by a famous pop star. (Click the attached file for a trial version). Among the commercial advertisements  in the popular mass media will be the message of cultural heritage protection: a rational perception on the present situation of our country. During music programs, will be the cultural heritage protection song, which assures us of the responsible performances of this nation for the cultural succession of mankind.
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