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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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Zhang Pei tells us how working with the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center is helping to protect the Hutongs

City Weekend on Wednesday 5 May


Zhang Pei talks to City Weekend about her work at CHP

How does CHP help Beijing?

Through our Friends of Old Beijing program, we monitored areas of the city and prepared reports for the city government. In 2008, we launched the Beijing Traditional Courtyard Renovation Training Project. We also assess and carry out protection work on historically valuable areas and buildings, such as in Gulou.

What plans does the city have for Gulou?

We’ve read reports that the Dongcheng District government plans to build a “Beijing Time Culture City,” which will cover 12.5 hectares east of Jiu Gulou Dajie and north of Gulou Dong Dajie. Reports have included a rough layout, including a “Times Memorial Square,” an underground parking lot, museum and restaurants. A number of residents will be relocated.

Is there a plan for Gulou that CHP supports?

We support a plan that protects and respects the cultural integrity of Gulou, including both historical buildings and the residents who live there. We suggest canceling the “Beijing Time Culture City” and instead propose implementing a “Caring for the Drum and Bell Tower” project.

Are there any CHP success stories?

Yes. CHP has completed successful community development and ethnic minority revitalization projects, brought media attention to important issues, and gathered support for the protection of traditional homes and buildings.

How can we get involved?

Keep your eyes on Gulou and spread word about the plan. Subscribe to the CHP newsletter. Donate. Purchase CHP products like our “I Love Hutong” sticker. And volunteer.

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