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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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Asia Foundation arranges US/Canadian tax deductible status for CHP

The Asia Foundation’s Beijing Office has signed an agreement with CHP which permits donors to obtain tax deduction in the US and Canada for their donations to CHP. Give2Asia, a U.S. non-profit organization established and managed by The Asia Foundation, was founded to increase the quality and quantity of charitable investments in Asia. As a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity, and a Canadian 149(1)(f) public foundation, Give2Asia will help CHP raise funds in North America.

Prior to signing the agreement, the Asia Foundation carefully examined the operations and administration of CHP to ensure that CHP met Asia Foundation standards. After successful completing the examination, three funds for CHP have been set up within Give to Asia. Contributions to these funds entitle donors to tax deductibility in the U. S. and Canada. This will be a major benefit to CHP in its fundraising efforts in the future. CHP is most grateful to The Asia Foundation for its support.

If you logon to Give2Asia’s website and go to “Funds”, you will find us under “Cultural Heritage Protection Fund”. As well as needing funding for daily office overheads (Operating Support), we are seeking funds to finance our Friends of Old Beijing program, which aims to protect Beijing’s old historical areas (Cultural Conservation Monitoring), and also for our media training program, which targets the most influential audience that can help us in raising public awareness (Cultural Conservation Media Campaign). We have already received some funding for the latter two projects, so the more urgent one is for our daily office operation. If you are interested, please click here to download the form for donations to our Operation Support project or visit Give2Asia’s website for more details (http://www.give2asia.org/projects/funds.php#A ).

Of course, the most important outcome of this arrangement is to help us establish a professional fund management system under the guidance of experts. The transparency of our accounts, and the management of project donations are all being streamlined, so the interest of our donors will be well taken care of. We believe that this is going to be very helpful in establishing the confidence of our donors, and very important for us to carry out more effective programs around China.

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