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Update on Da Gao Xuan Temple

In September 2005, we investigated the preservation conditions of the Da Gao Xuan Temple. Our investigation showed that there were illegal buildings constructed in the temple, and the ancient architecture was being use inappropriately. We have expressed our concern about the military’s occupancy of the temple and requested its return to the public as we believe it is the government’s responsibility outlined clearly by the law. One year and a half has passed, and we have noticed the following progress:

  • In November 2005, the Beijing Administration of Cultural Heritage (BACH) issued a written request to the military unit for improved management of the heritage site, including proper firefighting equipment.
  • In February 2007, BACH said it will suggest that the Ministry of Culture should coordinate with the State Council for the return of the heritage site to proper management since there has been no progress made by the military unit occupying the site.

We are glad to see the strong messages from BACH, which has been a signal of Chinese society’s progress in general. Although it is a military unit violating the heritage law, BACH is not compromising its principles. We admire the courage of BACH’s leaders, and we feel confident that Da Gao Xuan Temple will have a bright future.

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