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CHP-UCCA Lecture Series: Qiang Minority in A’er Village – Cultural Protection and Cultural Consciousness. The Lowdown

On 6 June  2010, the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) held its final lecture of the CHP-UCCA Lecture Series. The topic was ‘Qiang Minority in A’er Village – Cultural Protection and Cultural Consciousness’.

The two principal speakers were:

  • Wang Yunxia (Qiang Minority Project Volunteer Group Leader and Professor of Law at Renmin University of China)
  • Luo Jihua (Qiang Minority Project Volunteer Group Member, and Post Doctorate at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

Professor Wang Yunxia talked about why A’er village was chosen as the location for the minority revitalization project, the project’s progress so far, and the successes and challenges faced.

Dr. Luo Jihua mainly investigated the prominent issue of cultural heritage protection and cultural self-awareness related to the project. Carla Nayton, who recently spent time in A’er Village for her university dissertation, served as an independent observer.  The audience shared their opinions on Qiang minority culture and the villagers’ spontaneous volunteer work.

The time set aside for questions was not enough to answer everyone’s questions. The audience discussed topics such as the relationship between space and culture, the role of women and children, and the relationship between economic development and cultural protection.

In attendance was also a volunteer film maker who is shooting an independent documentary on the Qiang culture and also a volunteer who is about to start his own Qiang culture program. They both hope to deepen and widen their relationship with CHP.

On the issue cultural protection and self-awareness, it is encouraging to see that more and more people are working hard to ensure that the villagers can record their own Qiang culture.

Volunteer Ren Zheng Yu was the translator for this event.

Author: Guo Ping (Volunteer)

CHP would like to thank our volunteer translator, Michelle Choi, for her outstanding translation of this article.

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