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2008 Sichuan Earthquake: Action Means Hope

There is always an end to darkness,
And dawn is waiting for us.
Help the survivors,
While mourning for the departed,
Action means hope…

We have paid close attention to the situation of the disaster, prayed for the victims. Although we sometimes feel helpless at this time of great tragedy, every little bit counts, so we decided to make a collective donation to the survivors of the earthquake. The combined donations made by our staff reached 1,750RMB in total.

Thank you to  all staff members  who made a contribution.
In case you are also willing to donate but don’t know how to donate, here is the contact information:

Red Cross Society of China
(tel) 65139999 and 64027602

Jim Stent (Director of CHP)
The immensity of the tragedy of this earthquake is overwhelming, but I am moved by the outpouring of sympathy, support and aid from the Chinese people, and I am impressed by the speed and effectiveness of the response of the Chinese government. We all hope for speedy relief for the affected communities of Sichuan.

Matthew (Managing Director of CHP)
Culture will not be carried on without people. We lament the dead in the Sichuan earthquake sincerely.

Doreen (CHP Project Officer)
Warmth will last forever whilst the wounds are healing and tears are drying. Sunshine will last forever whilst the fear is fading and clouds are going away. I believe there is love behind all lives.

Ji Lei (CHP Volunteer)
So many pictures are flashing in my mind and reflecting how fragile our life is. Let us empower our life-ship with the warmth from all the hands and the resonance from all the hearts!

Li Zhenhao (CHP Volunteer)
I just hope everyone does what he or she can do, more or less doesn’t matter, because we are all Chinese.

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