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Event:Residents of Old Beijing, and its Preservation – Personal Experiences from Two Ma Dajies

Within the Old City of Beijing and its historical neighborhoods, old Beijing residents have been both builders and owners. Now, in the process of being evacuated, they have also become the area’s most persistent preservationists. Their deep love for their homes and their ceaseless efforts to preserve the Old City has greatly enriched the meaning of its local cultural heritage. Chinese laws and government policies have declared their full commitment to protecting the legal rights of local residents, and fully encourage active public participation for the preservation of cultural heritage. To share their memories, deep affections, and devotion to preserving their historical homes, and at the same time, help the public provide constructive support and advice to the government on its law and policy enforcement, Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is honored to invite Ma Xiuming and Ma Xiulan to recount their own personal experiences.

These two Ma Dajies are not related sisters, one of them a resident of Beiheyan, and the other a resident of Xianyukou, but they have each arduously spent a lot of time trying to defend their rights and protect their home properties. Their experiences will certainly become part of the intangible cultural heritage of the Old City of Beijing, and we believe the public will greatly benefit from sharing in these experiences, perhaps by both reflecting on the value of local culture as well as on citizen responsibility.

Time: 14:00, 7 September (Saturday)

Venue: The Old Anglican Church, No. 85, Tonglinge Road (click here for directions)

RSVP: Please email to chpnews@163.com or call 010-6403 6532 to reserve your seat (with names of all participants)


Route 1: Take subway line 4, and take exit E at Xuanwumen Station, or take subway line 2, and take exit A1 at Xuanwumen Station; go west for about 200 meters (passing the Xinhua News Agency), and turn right (north) at the south end of Tonglinge Road; continue for about 200 meters as soon as you see a Hanting Hotel on your left (west).

Route 2: Take subway line 2, and take exit B at Changchunjie Station; walk east for about 100 meters, and turn left (north) at the south end of Tonglinge Road; continue for about 200 meters as soon as you see a Hanting Hotel on your left (west).

About the Church:

Formerly the residence of an official from the Ministry of Justice, H.E. Yin Keting, this land was purchased against the will of its owner by the missionaries of Anglican Church, when the British troops occupied the area inside the Xuanwumen Gate after the invasion of the eight allied forces to put off the Boxer Revolution. In 1907, the North China Bishop of Anglican Church, Charles Perry Scott commissioned the design and construction of the church, which was completed November 28th the same year. In 1911, the newly founded Republic of China government formally recognized this church as property of the Anglican Church.  The architectural materials used here are traditional grey bricks, and tiles, which gives the church a taste of traditional Chinese architecture, although the layout of the building has been faithfully traditional European.

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