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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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First Half Year of 2009 Donor List

Since the founding of Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center, we have received comments, support and encouragement, as well as donations from individuals and organizations. Their generosity keeps CHP going. The List of donors of first half year is as follows.

Individual Donors with actual amount:
Heritage Bumper Sticker donors 2065.10 RMB
Yan Xiaoyuan 100 RMB
Asami Tada 50 RMB
Liu Feng 100 RMB
Li Jing 50 RMB
Guo Ran 100 RMB
Anhe Whetham 150 RMB
Vavara Shavrova 2000 RMB
Kentaro Nozaki 70 RMB
Liu Zhongzheng, Bai Zhengheng and Liu Zheng 200 RMB
Globat Alliance Omar 525 RMB
Marina Papa Sokal 100 RMB
Huang Xiaofan 100 RMB
BJ Gran 500 US dollar
Gerry Ohrstrom 5000 US dollar

Organization Donors with actual amount:
The Asia Foundation 141,518.90 RMB
CHP meeting 792.10 RMB
Unicorn Foundation 15,697.32 RMB
Xuan’nan Cultural Study Group 30 RMB
CHP donation box 117.08 RMB
Taiwan Ilan delegation of schoolmaster association 306 RMB, 1 US dollar

Material Donation:
Chen Xuejun donated an African wood carving mask.
Gao Song donated a framed watercolor of a Hutong.
Liu Zheng donated a framed picture of a Hutong, and a bouquet of silk flowers.
Li Shan donated a box of tea.
Jia Wenjin donated a bouquet of flowers.
Forever International Auction Company Limited donated a laptop computer.

Book Donations:
Liu Zheng donated books, “said tea collection – Lao She Tea House”, “Modern Chinese Jade Culture (second edition)”, “Overview of China Jade Culture (second edition)”, “Hometown that can not afford to lose”.
Guo Ran and Mr. Tian Yunxiang donated books, “Talk about Beijing (2009)”, “Ceramics Excavated from Mao Jia Wan Area, and Relics Excavated from Beijing Olympics Facilities”.

We truly appreciate all the donors.

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