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The First Gathering of Volunteers for the A’er Village Qiang Cultural Protection Project


Last summer, CHP held a salon at our Bailin Temple office to discuss the topic of cultural heritage protection for the Qiang minority. At the time, we couldn’t have imagined that a formal project would be launched at that very location only a year later. We also would never have expected to receive such a great response as countless volunteers eagerly contacted us after seeing our recruitment announcement.

After a thorough selection process, the volunteer team has now been formalized.

On September 12, the Qiang Cultural Protection Project volunteer team held their first official meeting at the CHP office.The group discussed their work plan along with any potential challenges. The volunteers agreed that the project would be modeled off the methods employed with the Mengma Archives Project. They also recognised A’er Village residents as the primary audience of the project. Project volunteers will take an active role in guiding and mobilizing local residents to protect their own cultural heritage.

The Qiang Cultural Protection team has also been in contact with Gao Rongjin, a local leader based in Sichuan.

Several volunteers will visit A’er Village to conduct the initial investigation during the National Holiday week. We look forward to hearing an update on the Village’s most recent condition.

Below is a complete list of volunteer team members.

Team leader:

Wang Yunxia

Professor of Law, Renmin University of China

Deputy Director, Cultural Heritage Law Research Institute

Team members:

Liu Jianhua

Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Law,Beijing University of Agriculture

Luo Jihua (Qiang ethnicity)

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pedagogical Anthropology,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Gao Wei (Hui ethnicity)

Graduate Student, Beijing Film Academy

Mu Yongqiang

Lecturer, Law Department, Lanzhou University of Technology

Doctoral Candidate, School of Law, Renmin University of China

Guo Ping

Doctoral Candidate, School of Law, Renmin University of China

Local Representative:

Gao Rongjin

Staff Member, Wenchuan County Bureau of Culture, Sichuan Province

CHP would like to thank our volunteer translator, Cheryl Mei-ting Schmitz, for her outstanding translation of this article.

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