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It is You Who Help us Make the Change–The Report on the Shooting of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s Former Residence’s Short Movie


Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s Former Residence’s Short Movie

29 August, 2009 | Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s Former Residence at No. 24 Beizongbu Hutong, Dongcheng District has finally restored to its normal state after receiving a lot of public attention. On a recent Saturday morning, the CHP team raised the surrounding neighbors’ curiosity once again as we were setting up our camera equipments in the area.

The idea of shooting a short movie about the former residence came from a forum one week earlier, where Gao Wei, a participant from Ningxia, pointed out the importance of action “I thought the reason why we gathered today was to make something happen.” The idea was immediately echoed by other participants – exactly what CHP has been hoping to see happen. As citizens, we may recognize the importance of cultural heritage protection, but it is only through tangible actions that we can hope to achieve the mission of protecting our own cultural heritage.

After highlighting the importance of taking action, Gao Wei suggested shooting a short movie to raise an awareness about Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s former residence. The idea was warmly received by other participants at the forum.

The next day, Gao Wei immediately went to the residence and took several shoots of the scene. Meanwhile, CHP was also collecting responses from volunteers who expressed interest in taking part of the short movie.

Since CHP had never experienced using a short movie to advocate our work prior to this, we were a little nervous about the shooting. We could not help but wonder – how many people would be willing to be interviewed? Among those, how many would actually know what to say? Will we be able to collect enough clips for the movie?

Right when we were beginning to question the possibility of achieving this project, our very first volunteer, Zhang Yuxing from Guangdong, arrived. Zhang was on his summer trip to Beijing and saw the recruitment notice on the CHP website and decided to apply. He had never believed that such a group exists. “In what way do you want me to deliver the story? I can do different versions: the rational version, the angry version, etc.” Zhang asked excitedly.

After we finished filming Zhang, the second volunteer showed up. So did the third volunteer, and so on. The shooting went more smoothly than we expected. Similarly, the final edit by Gao Wei and his team was done with great efficiency.

We would like to thank the following friends who voluntarily participated in the production of the short movie. It is through your generous effort that brings this short movie to life.

Directing & Photography: Gao Wei

Recording: Zhang Yi

Editing: Shi Xiaofei

Coloring: Ding Xiaoming

Subtitles: Guo Hengqi

Interviewer: Zhang Yuxing, Di An, He Yun, He Muren

Kindly forward the short movie link widely if you would like to support our cause and help us protect the Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s former residence.

CHP would like to thank our volunteer translator, Martina Li, for her outstanding translation of this article.

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