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Local Coordinator of Congjiang Archives Visits Beijing

July 24, 2009 | Mr. Liang Quankang, the local coordinator of Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP)’s Congjiang Cultural Mapping Project, visited Beijing from July 16th to 23rd, 2009. During the stay, he exchanged ideas and thoughts with CHP staff regarding the project and other subjects.

Mr. Liang is a long-time government official in Congjiang County, which he is very familiar with. He is also one of the founders of the website Congjiang Folklore Photography (www.cjmsy.com).

Mr. Liang is the local coordinator of Congjiang Archives; his duty will be assisting project officer in the area of focus. After Liang’s arrival in Beijing, he had a thorough conversation with CHP trustees Mr. James Stent and Mr. He Shuzhong. He gained understanding of the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center, discussed his work background with the two gentlemen, and the vision of Congjiang Archives.

On the weekend, Mr. He showed Mr. Liang around Beijing. They visited 798 Art District and the Forbidden City.

UNESCO’s Beijing Office commissions CHP to make a short documentary to show on the UNESCO conference in Paris this October, introducing the progress of UNESCO- Spanish Government Millennium Development Fund in China. UNESCO and CHP have decided to use the materials of Congjiang Folklore Photography website.

Liang also visited National Geographic to discuss the collaboration of a photography exhibition in Congjiang in August.

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh of UNESCO met Ms. Wang Xiaowang, the project officer of Congjiang Archives, and Mr. Liang on July 21.

On July 22, Wu Lili, Managing Director of CHP, along with Ms. Wang and Mr. Liang, visited Mr. Su Donghai, the senior expert of eco-museums,

Mr. Su reminded CHP that our work is not meant to take over the ethnic minority culture. We should be a proxy, but not the master. Our work is to raise the awareness of the local people, and to help them revitalize their own culture.

On the afternoon of July 22, CHP held a seminar of Congjiang Archives in the office. Reporters from Sanlian Life Weekly, National Geographic, other media and other interested participants gathered together to learn the progress of and discuss the project.

Mr. Liang shared his impression of NGO work with CHP before his departure. He feels that the work method is significantly different from what he is used to being a civilian. He said that he learned a lot during the visit to Beijing. The passion towards ethnic minority culture of the people he met in Beijing touched him deeply. He feels that he bears great responsibility, and has a long way to go.

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