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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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Letters from our Readers

We have been receiving feedback from readers all over the world since the publication of Heritage Update December 2008 issue. Among the readers, there are officers of UN, friends we have never met in person, partners that we have held events with, and devoted volunteers. we have chosen to publis four letters to thank all the friends of CHP. Your encouragement and expectation are our greatest motivation!

To all at CHP:

Thank you so much for your most recent newsletter. It tells of so many exciting events, programmes and people. You have truly shown the way to young people, encouraged volunteers and rescued so much of China’s thousands of years of cultural heritage. And you have given new hope to older generations who have had to see the loss of so much traditional heritage.

It is fitting that your Chinese NGO is showing how much can be done with little funds but with much enthusiasm. It is way ahead of many other communities in Asia which need such a programme, involving not only local volunteers, but others from outside China.

Congratulations on all that you are doing. Your descendants and all future generations will thank and respect you for your hard work today.

(Professor) Lyndel V. Prott AO; FAHA
University of Queensland

Former Director,
Cultural Heritage Division

Dear CHP Team,

It looks like CHP has really matured and is growing which gives not only pleasure but also hope for the beauty of Beijings majestic architecture to be preserved – it is never too late while there is still one hutong standing.

Best wishes from Shanghai,

Dear CHP staff members,

Congratulations on all you are doing. It is very good to learn how fast you are growing, to see such young and motivated staff members and to learn that you are drawing more and more on the local community. Very good too to see the links with academic institutions . I’m so very pleased that you are having an impact on public awareness, and do hope you will be able to continue to lobby effectively for the safeguard and preservation of China’s history and heritage.

Deborah Henley

I appreciate that BJCHP published who-is-who behind the scene in this article. It is a welcome gesture and shows transparency in your organization.

BJCHP is on the right track; you folks have done a very good job in 2008, including communication with the rest of world via the internet.

It is greatly admired that BJCHP took the initiative to let the common people, as well as officials know the benefit and importance of protecting, persevering and renovating old houses which contain the essential flavor of local Chinese culture over hundred of years.

Frank Hou from Seattle

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