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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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Cultural Action Network

Every day in communities across China irreplaceable cultural heritage sites – reflecting China’s rich history and cultural landscape – are damaged or destroyed. Nationwide action needs to be taken today to protect China’s past for future generations.

This year, CHP will launch the Cultural Action Network (CAN), an innovative national volunteer network that will empower key communities to preserve their own heritage. Based and managed in Beijing, the network will promote cultural heritage protection in selected cities, towns, and villages around the country. The network will raise awareness of the value of traditional built heritage, document the current state of cultural heritage protection across China, and provide early warning of impending threats. Trained volunteers will produce detailed reports on their local cultural heritage sites and update CHP on compromising situations.

These reports will be the basis for CHP action when working with the Chinese media, government and citizens to improve heritage preservation in each community.

The program will be coordinated and guided by CHP’s professional staff in Beijing, which will be a pilot city. CAN will expand to selected cities around the country, enlisting volunteers and providing training.

The future of preserving Beijing’s heritage lies at the core of this network, building critical alliances where priceless pieces of the past – tangible and intangible – are quickly disappearing.

Cultural Action Network


Note: This program has not commenced yet. CHP is still  in the process of seeking funding for CAN. For more information on how to donate to our Cultural Action Network through Zhifubao or other avenues, please visit our How to Donate page.

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