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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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【2010-05-05】A better future for Gulou

【2010-05-05】Keyuan, Beijing’s secret garden, remains locked

【2010-05-05】CHP 6th mission report for Congjiang cultural mapping

【2010-01-20】Underground cultural artifacts: Beijing’s forgotten and vanishing history

【2010-01-20】Another step forward: protecting the Former Residence of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin

【2010-01-20】Congjiang Archive Project: The Fifth Visit Report

【2010-01-06】Minority Cultures: Conserved by ‘experts’ for tourists, or by their own communities for themselves?

【2010-01-04】Qiang Minority Cultural Revitalization Project’s Second Progress Report


【2009-11-29】Qiang Minority Cultural Revitalization Project’s Second Progress Report

【2009-11-29】Kashgar Old Town Local Government Publicly Claims That UNESCO Supports the Kashgar Old Town Reconstruction Plan

【2009-11-26】Uncertain Future: The Fate of the Residence of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin

【2009-11-17】Cultural Heritage Protection Badge Designed for A’er Villagers

【2009-10-28】“Provisional Regulations Governing the Management of the Designation of Cultural Relics” Proves Effective in allowing the Public to Exercise Cultural Heritage Protection Rights

【2009-10-28】China Culture and Partnership Project Product 2.1: Congjiang Archive 2009 Annual Report

【2009-10-28】A’er Village Qiang Minority Cultural Revitalization Project’s Initial Surveying Report

【2009-09-30】China issues legislation encouraging the public to exercise its right to protect cultural heritage

【2009-09-25】It is You Who Help us Make the Change–The Report on the Shooting of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s Former Residence’s Short Movie

【2009-09-24】The First Gathering of Volunteers for the A’er Village Qiang Cultural Protection Project

【2009-09-15】Preserve the former residence of two of China’s greatest architects

【2009-09-15】Commissioned by UNESCO under the Spanish Government Millennium Goals Fund, CHP Produces a Promotional Video – “The Soul’s Paradise: Congjiang”

【2009-07-31】The Beijing Cultural Heritage Department Permits Destruction of Former Residences of Famous Architects

【2009-07-28】Update on the Demolition of Former Residences of Liang and Lin

【2009-07-24】Local Coordinator of Congjiang Archives Visits Beijing

【2009-07-07】Open Letter to the Government of the People’s Republic of China

【2009-07-01】First Half Year of 2009 Donor List

【2009-07-01】Activities in Cultural Heritage Day

【2009-06-30】Jiuyan Lou Investigation

【2009-06-03】Please Help to Protect Kashgar Old Town

【2009-06-01】The People are the Rightful Owners of Cultural Heritage

【2009-05-26】Congjiang Archive Project Completes Its First Field Investigation

【2009-01-24】Milestone MOU Signed Between U.S. and China on U.S. Import of Chinese Cultural Relics

【2009-01-24】Letters from our Readers

【2009-01-24】Public Participation Is Key to Cultural Heritage Preservation Success– Director of SACH Inspects Courtyard 222 on its Successful Law Suit against Demolition Threat


【2008-12-15】Ke Yuan: Conserved or Destroyed?

【2008-11-19】Qing Dynasty Treasure Endangered: Appeal to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Preservation

【2008-07-01】CHP Report: The Culteral Heritage Survey Conducted on the Historical and Cultural Protected Areas Outside of Beijing Old City

【2008-06-26】Demolition of Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Trade Buildings

【2008-05-29】Action means hope

【2008-04-29】”Friends of Old Beijing” Phase II Progress Report

【2008-03-31】“Friends of Old Beijing” Periodic Research Results: Resident Interviews

【2008-01-31】Journalist Salon – a Good Learning Opportunity

【2008-01-15】Xianyukou: Hopes and Fears


【2007-10-08】Director Shan Visits CHP

【2007-09-29】The New Xisi Bei Project International Invitation Exhibition: The Path to Preservation or Destruction?

【2007-06-09】“Friends of Old Beijing” Project,The Report Evaluating the Condition of the Protection of Old Beijing (Abstract)

【2007-05-04】Update on Da Gao Xuan Temple

【2007-04-10】Progress on Preservation of the Ministry of Commerce Buildings

【2007-04-10】Public Opposition Leads to the Suspension of Hutong Demolition

【2007-04-01】The Meng Ma Files:Progress of CHP’s Dai Cultural Recording Project

【2007-04-01】Saving the Ministry of Commerce Buildings:Latest Developments

【2007-01-31】Chinese Media Yearns to Play a Bigger Role in Cultural Heritage Protection


【2006-12-27】Asia Foundation arranges US/Canadian tax deductible status for CHP

【2006-11-29】China Passes a New Law To Improve Management of World Heritage

【2006-09-27】“Friends of Old Beijing” Program Will Begin

【2006-07-19】More Historic Beijing Buildings Endangered?

【2006-04-01】Preserving Dai Culture for Posterity

【2006-03-04】Volunteers Looking After the Wall

【2006-01-11】Second Saturday of June to Be “Cultural Heritage Day”


【2005-12-02】CHP Cracks Smuggling Case

【2005-11-13】What Are We Doing To Preserve The Old City?

【2005-11-01】China Adopts Icon and Song for Cultural Heritage Protection Campaign

【2005-10-16】Obliteration of the Distinctive Contour of the Old City of Beijing

【2005-09-29】Protection of the Old City of Beijing: Good Plans, No Follow-through

【2005-09-20】China Hopes through establishing “Cultural Heritage Day” to Restore Cultural Self-Confidence

【2005-09-14】Da Gao Xuan Temple is Disappearing

【2005-09-06】Erroneous Public Conception on the World Heritage

【2005-08-26】Tomb Robberies in China: Not Effectively Prohibited after a Decade, Nor Enough Attention Given

【2005-08-20】How to Oppose the APP Yunnan Project

【2005-08-12】Eucalyptus Plantations: the Threat to Yunnanese Ethnic Groups

【2005-08-04】Slow and Steady Wins the Games

【2005-07-25】Does the Great Wall of China still exist?

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