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【2011-09-15】Time Out Beijing | A taste of old Beijing

【2011-09-09】China Radio International | Take a Piece of Beijing’s Hutongs back Home!

【2011-09-01】Orientations | News


【2011-08-10】E-Turbo News | Fairmont offers eco-luxury in Asia

【2011-08-10】China Radio International | Taste of Beijing

【2011-08-02】LumDimSum | Insight to Beijing through tastes


【2011-07-29】Beijing Today | Local conservation group sets sights on ethnic Qiang village in Sichuan

【2011-07-28】China Radio International | Documentary on Unique Cultural Traditions of the Qiang People

【2011-07-20】Wanderlust | Endangered Destinations 2011: Beijing’s Hutongs

【2011-07-17】LA Times | In Beijing, redevelopment threatens last bathhouse


【2011-06-13】Global TimesProtect and Serve

【2011-06-09】CNNGOVideo: Around, inside and underneath Beijing

【2011-06-09】CRI English | 6th Cultural Heritage Day: Protect Old Beijing

【2011-06-01】Global TimesLights out for Shichahai


【2011-03-01】Xinhua | World Cultural Heritage status awaits Beijing’s ‘central axis’

【2011-04-01】Destinasian MagazineBackstreet Beijing


【2011-03-09】China DailyCelebrity Homes get Protection Status

【2011-03-14】Global Times | Hutong Dilemma


【2011-01-24】Global Times | Mass relocation planned for Beijing’s historic axis

【2011-01-12】China Daily |  Alarm bell muffled as plan changes

【2011-01-12】Global Times | City Builds Historic Residence Database to Prevent Neglect



【2010-12-21】China Daily |  Street fighters

【2010-12-20】Global Times |  Students strive to preserve courtyards

【2010-12-17】CNNGo |  Gulou: The heart of old Beijing still beats

【2010-12-08】Global Times‘Protected’ status still not enough for courtyards

【2010-12-06】China Daily |  Bell and Drum hutong safe from wrecking ball

【2010-12-06】Global Times | Gulou to get small museum instead of ‘Time Cultural City’


【2010-11-19】Inter Press ServiceDrum-roll stops on Gulou demo


【2010-10-18】China DailyThe Gulou gets a reprieve

【2010-10-18】Global Times | ‘Modern heritage’ status considered


【2010-09-30】China Daily | History lovers race to protect city’s threatened buried past

【2010-09-30】Global Times | Unearthed relics remain unprotected

【2010-09-16】Global Times | Bulldozers menace architect home

【2010-09-09】The Telegraph & Vancouver Sun | Beijing’s hutong saved after heritage groups campaign

【2010-09-06】The Global Times | Drum Tower plan shelved


【2010-08-20】The Global Times | Forbidden City makeover to prevent tourist damage

【2010-08-18】BON | Do You Hutong?

【2010-08-03】The Global Times | Geographic wonder a heritage site


【2010-07-29】The Global Times | Hutong demolition awareness in Hebei

【2010-07-23】BBC World News | Heroes of Heritage

【2010-07-22】eChinacities.com | Building hotels in the Forbidden City: China’s urban development

【2010-07-22】Caixin Media | Merger of four Beijing districts into two (podcast)

【2010-7-19】The New York Times | Bulldozers meet historic quarters in Beijing, to mixed reactions

【2010-7-19】China Daily | Art auction raises funds to save the capital’s traditional homes

【2010-7-19】The National | Old China is not as old as it seems

【2010-7-19】Global Times | CHP fundraiser draws few locals

【2010-7-4】Radio86.com | Protecting Beijing’s cultural heritage


【2010-6-18】NBC | In Beijing, residents resist the wrecker’s ball

【2010-6-08】Global Times | Tomb raiders out of control

【2010-6-02】AFP | He’s battle to save China’s classic architecture


【2010-5-27】The LA Times | Wrecking ball looms in old style Beijing district

【2010-5-27】USA Today | Beijing bulldozes its old neighbourhoods

【2010-5-27】China Daily Beating the drum for a city’s preservation

【2010-5-24】Global Times | Panel pleads for city vision

【2010-5-24】The Beijinger | Beijingers debate why preservation matters in light of Gulou redevelopment

【2010-5-13】China.org.cn | “Untouchable” area of Old Beijing under threat

【2010-5-5】City Weekend | Q&A with Zhang Pei about her work with CHP


【2010-4-28】City Weekend | Goodbye Gulou?

【2010-4-18】The National | China’s loss as progress puts paid to heritage

【2010-4-10】Agencia EFE | El viejo Beijing agoniza

【2010-4-08】China Daily | Bells sound for protection of Drum Tower

【2010-4-08】Publico | El Cabanyal de Pekin se echa a temblar

【2010-4-07】Beijing Today | Local NGO Maps Culture of Remote Guizhou Village

【2010-4-07】Caixin Media | Planned Destruction and Redevelopment of the Historical Gulou Area (podcast)


【2010-3-31】Inter Service Press (IPS) | China: Public Space Shrinks for Discussing Fate of Heritage Area

【2010-3-30】Heritage Key | Beijing Modernisation is Like Building Hotels in the Forbidden City

【2010-3-29】Global Times | Gulou Meeting Silenced

【2010-3-28】Daily Telegraph, Vancouver Sun & Calgary Herald | Historical Beijing quarter ‘to be destroyed’

【2010-3-11】Heritage Key | Residents are Divided Over Planned Restoration of Beijing’s Drum and Bell Towers

【2010-3-05】China Daily | Preservation Required for Underground Relics


【2010-2-22】China Daily | Heritage in Rubble

【2010-2-01】Smithsonian Magazine | Demolishing Kashgar’s History


【2010-1-25】China Daily | Saving History

【2010-1-21】Global Times | Power to the People?

【2010-1-19】Global Times | In the nick of time

【2010-1-8】China Daily | Noted Couple’s Home Saved from Bulldozer

【2010-1-8】People’s Daily Online | Former Liang Sicheng Residence Confirmed as “Immovable Cultural Heritage”



【2009-12-17】China Radio International | Former Residence of Historical Figures in Beijing

【2009-12-15】Global Times | Memory Lanes

【2009-12-14】The Guardian | China Loses Thousands of Historic Sites


【2009-11-25】Heritage Key | Interview: He Shuzhong on the Challenges of Protecting China’s Heritage


【2009-09-28】Orientations | Saving Kashgar


【2009-08-10】The Independent | Showdown at the crossroads of the world

【2009-08-10】The Irish Times | Reduced to rubble in the name of progress


【2009-07-03】Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty | China’s Ancient Silk Road City Of Kashgar Facing Threat Of Bulldozers


【2009-06-17】Global Times | ‘Fake-over’kills business

【2009-06-13】Asia Calling | The Changing Faces of Beijing

【2009-06-12】China Radio International | China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage


【2009-05-27】The New York Times | To Protect an Ancient City, China Moves to Raze It

【2009-05-18】China Daily | Now here, gone tomorrow


【2009-04-24】Bloomberg | Nonprofit Group Appeals to China to Reassess Plan for Kashgar


【2009-01-13】Bloomberg | A flowering of activism poses problems and solutions for China



【2008-12-15】Bloomberg | Beijing Preservation Group Questions Foreign Ministry Project


【2008-08-01】Smithsonian Magazine | The Great Wall of China Is Under Siege


【2008-07-24】The New York Times | In Ancient Alleys, Modern Comforts

【2008-07-04】北青网 | Volunteers are the Backbone of Hutong Courtyard Renovation

【2008-07-02】Archaeology Magazine | Interview with Matthew Hu Xingyu

【2008-07-01】Associated Press | Beijing Boasts Stunning New Buildings


【2008-06-17】Associated Press | Old Beijing neighborhoods disappearing

【2008-06-16】Associated Press |Despite Promises, Old Beijing Neighborhoods Fall

【2008-06-06】Architectural Record | News Highlights of the Week: May 31-June 6, 2008

【2008-06-01】Orientations | It Only Takes a Village: An Interview with He Shuzhong


【2008-05-31】Archaeology | Beijing Looks Back


【2008-01-01】Dissent Magazine | Farewell to the Hutongs: Urban Development in Beijing


【2007-12-01】China Heritage Quarterly | Wangfu, the Princely Mansions of Beijing

【2007-11-06】北青网 | Long-term Beijing Expats Involved in Hutong Protection NGO

【2007-09-28】AmCham-China Daily | Beijing Forum:The City’s Remaining Hutongs

【2007-06-04】China Daily | Battle of the Hutong

【2007-06-03】The Taipei Times | Foreigners Give Old Beijing New Lease on Life

【2007-04-24】China Daily | German Helps Beijing Maintain Its Style


【2006-10-23】China Development Brief | Conservation Patrol for Beijing Hutong

Before 2006:

【2003-10-27】Time Magazine | Stealing Beauty

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