Old Beijing Preservation Program
CHP’s Beijing Preservation Program is an overarching plan to help preserve historically and culturally significant areas remaining in Beijing.

Since CHP was founded in 2003, we have been committed to protecting the Old City of Beijing and providing sustainable guidelines of how the old and the new Beijing can coexist harmoniously.
Ethnic Minority Cultural Revitalization

China is home to 55 ethnic minorities, totaling close to 100 million people. CHP works to restore pride of Chinese ethnic minorities in their ancestral traditions, and to assist them in incorporating cultural heritage revitalization in poverty alleviation and modernization programs.

Media Training

We believe that the media generally ignores reports about cultural heritage protection for two main reasons:
1) The media has a limited understanding of cultural heritage, therefore, overlooks important cultural artifacts that are fast disappearing.
2) The media’s reports rarely live up to expectations because journalists lack knowledge of the laws regarding cultural heritage protection.

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is an independent Chinese grassroots non-profit organization, supporting local communities across China to protect their cultural heritage. Officially registered as an NGO in Beijing in 2003, CHP now complements the resources of its domestic and overseas volunteers with a small, professional staff.

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