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Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) is a small grassroots, legally-registered NGO working to protect cultural heritage across China.

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CHP provides an ideal opportunity for those looking to gain valuable experience in working in the non-profit industry and enjoy the unique working environment in China, not to mention the chance to actively take part in making a difference in saving China’s rich cultural heritage. CHP is a small-but-mighty non-profit organization that has been able to make an impact in the past though the help of our dedicated interns and volunteers.

Read about the experiences of some of our previous interns.

Requirements for intern candidates:
1.    Available to dedicate at least 4 weeks to working at our office in Beijing, 9am – 6pm, Monday through Friday.
2.    Have a working proficiency of Chinese language since you will be working in a Chinese environment. Please note that some positions will require a very high level of Chinese proficiency.
3.    Be in good health.
4.   Have a strong desire to help us protect China’s rich cultural heritage.

Interested in our work and want to become a part of CHP? Good news! We are currently looking for interns who are interested and have experience in one or more of the following areas:

1. Communications: If spreading the word about our work and its impact on the preservation of Chinese cultural heritage is something you are passionate about, then communications is the right track for you. You can choose to work on one (or more) of the six areas: writing, design, marketing, translation, video and photographic media, and web design/IT. This would be a great opportunity for candidates with experience in marketing, communication studies, journalism, public policy, and graphic design, among other fields.

  • Writing: An ideal position for confident writers who have the ability to work with firm deadlines. Examples of writer’s responsibilities include preparing promotional materials for CHP, advertisements for CHP and our events, writing descriptions and summaries of events, interviewing experts in the field, villagers, and residents, as well as writing articles about interviews.
  • Design: CHP is looking for talented designers who will be responsible for the graphic design and layout planning for CHP promotional materials. This could include flyers, pins, T-shirts, bumper stickers, just to name a few. Experience is a must for this position, as is the ability to work in both digital and non-digital formats.
  • Marketing: Those involved in marketing will help develop innovative and persuasive ways to advertise CHP and its work, as well as disseminate information about our events. Marketing interns will also have plenty of opportunities to meet people from various industries as you are responsible for planning, organizing, and holding marketing and fundraising events to generate the buzz about CHP.
  • Translation: CHP is looking for interns who can help us promote our work and findings domestically and internationally through translation. Your responsibility would be to translate our web contents and newsletter contents from Chinese to English and/or proofread English texts if already written up by our staff or other Chinese volunteers. For proofreaders, journalism or editing experience is preferred. For translators, a high level of fluency for both English and Chinese is required.
  • Video/Photography: With some equipment and adventurous spirit, you can help CHP record video and/or take photographs of events or sites facing destruction.  In the past, in addition to covering CHP events, photographers have taken pictures of sites in various stages of disrepair including courtyard houses and public buildings. These photos/videos will be used to promote awareness of the need for cultural heritage protection and CHP’s events and programs. You will need to provide your own equipment.

2. Fundraising: Since CHP is entirely funded through donations, fundraising is an essential part of our organization. Interns will help CHP seeking out new domestic and international donors.

  • International fundraising: Geared towards finding individual overseas donors and corporations. You will be responsible for contacting corporations to inquire about their funding interests and finding innovative and effective ways to engage overseas interest in donating. A high degree of professionalism is expected.
  • National fundraising: Interns will plan and execute fundraising events. Responsibility for planning and organizing is on the interns. Fluency in Chinese is required for this, as you will be working for a Chinese audience.

3. Project ProposalsBe the backbone of CHP and help us develop new ideas for future projects, conduct project feasibility investigations, write feasibility reports and write final project plans and project proposals. This position requires good writing skills and very high levels of proficiency in Chinese and/or English. Especially for project proposals, persuasive writing is a very necessary skill.


Please note that all works/documents/photos created while interning at CHP are the property of CHP, but we will credit you with the creation of the work.

Application process

Please send us your application, including a resume, a cover letter explaining why you are interested in working with us to protect China’s cultural heritage and how you feel you can help, as well as a sample of your work relating to the field you are interested in. (For instance, for design candidates: send a scan/copy of a brochure or website layout you have worked on. For writing candidates: send a persuasive article you have written in the past.) We can be reached at info@bjchp.org.

We look forward to having you on board.

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