Ethnic Minority Cultural Revitalization

China is home to 55 ethnic minorities, totaling close to 100 million people. CHP works to restore pride of Chinese ethnic minorities in their ancestral traditions, and to assist them in incorporating cultural heritage revitalization in poverty alleviation and modernization programs.

Mengma Archive

In 2004, CHP launched a project recording in Dai script all aspects of Dai life and culture. The project was carried out by volunteer village elders, who are the repositories of Dai cultural knowledge.

Menglian Weaving Revival Project

Menglian Weaving Revival Project will help empower the Menglian minority to revitalize their weaving traditions and promote cultural awareness in both the local and wider community, while also providing a sustainable income alternative for the area.

Congjiang Archive

The goals of the Congjiang Archive are to recognize the important role culture plays in development, help improve living standards in ethnic minority regions while maintaining cultural sensitivity, and promote the belief that cultural diversity is as fundamental to humanity as biodiversity is to nature.

A’er Village Qiang Minority Cultural Revitalization

A’er Village Qiang Minority Cultural Revitalization Project is CHP’s third project in the Ethnic Minority Cultural Revitalization Area of Focus under a sponsorship of the prestigious U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation. It has also received funding from the Switzerland Embassy in China.