Heritage Trail Project Phase I

Through our carefully designed Heritage Trails, CHP invites you to experience the spirit of Old Beijing by discovering the hidden charm unique to Beijing’s hutongs.

Located in the twenty-five Cultural and Historical Protected Areas of Old Beijing are CHP’s ten cultural heritage trails. Each trail takes approximately two hours to complete by foot and offers approximately ten cultural points to enjoy. Throughout the walk, participants will encounter unique hidden architecture, famous residences, and key historical sites. CHP’s Cultural Heritage Trails, supplemented by our recommended readings and movies, will allow you to experience the real hutong experience to the fullest.

CHP believes that a genuine passion towards and understanding of Old Beijing can only be formed through a personal experience with the city. The unparalleled charm registered in every aspect of the hutongs, from elaborate roof beams and small crooked paths in the alley to the remarkable coexistence of one-level traditional courtyards and glitzy skyscrapers, can effortlessly help one develop a personal connection to Old Beijing.

The Cultural Heritage Trail Project is a collaboration between CHP and The Opposite House Hotel of Swire Group – a boutique luxury hotel located in Sanlitun, Beijing. The Project began in September 2008 and ended in August 2009. CHP hopes that the Cultural Heritage Trail Project will allow people to form a personal connection to Old Beijing’s rich cultural heritage, and have a better awareness and appreciation of their own culture. We hope that this in turn will encourage more people to support cultural heritage protection and become advocates for the cause.

Those who wish to access the Cultural Heritage Trail information can visit the CHP office to collect a Cultural Heritage Trail Map or visit our page on Douban.com. We also plan to expand our distribution channels in the near future.

Heritage Trail Update

Heritage Trail of Lama Temple Southeast